One of the world’s largest civilian and military helicopter manufacturer approached PREDICT to provide an advanced monitoring solution for a fleet of 145 civilian helicopters.

White-box algorithms

To use PREDICT’s technologies autonomously

Detect abnormal behaviour

Differentiate normal & abnormal operation

Fleet management

Monitoring a fleet of 145 helicopters


The helicopter manufacturing company was looking for a solution that could

  • Provide tools to perform maintenance autonomously

    Technical support was provided to the client to efficiently use the predictive analytic algorithms developed by PREDICT.

  • Detect abnormal behaviour of the assets

    By meticulously studying the engineering behind different subsytems of the helicopter, models were formulated to monitor the functioning of the subsystems and, to differentiate their normal and abnormal behaviour.

  • Monitor a fleet of helicopters

    Analysis and understanding of the functioning of the subsystem of a helicopter is extended to a large fleet.


PREDICT analyzed the historic vibration and flight data and, could successfully detect all the cases that are of interest to the client.

PREDICT’s library of algorithms is always open to the client who would like to be autonomous. From the early stages of the project, PREDICT’s team worked closely with the client and, provided them with all the support necessary to be able to use PREDICT’s technologies autonomously.

Utilising the vibration data and contextualizing it with the flight data, PREDICT could accurately identify the drifts in the operation of the monitored equipment and, estimate their remaining useful life.

PREDICT further consolidated the learnings from different helicopters and, incorporated them into the entire fleet, providing a more accurate and robust solution.

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Imerys is fully satisfied by the performance of PREDICT and work regarding the implementation of the Kasem software within the Monicalc project, at the Imerys Minerals Site in the UK.

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